Crepe Suzette Recipe

Even if you haven’t ever had Crepe Suzette, you’ve probably heard of this famous crepe dish. Most of us have probably watched a scene from a movie or television show in which the waiter in a high-class restaurant prepares them at the table with a flourish of liqueur and flame.

Probably the most interesting thing about the original crepe Suzette recipe is that it was an accident :)! In 1895, a waiter at a posh restaurant in Paris was prepping their signature dessert for the Prince of Wales. A burning chafing dish was on his cart as he worked and he accidentally caught the liqueurs he was going to use in the dessert on fire. Rather than throw it away, he took a taste and discovered it was delicious. The Prince was also impressed and insisted this new dish be named for the young lady who accompanied him – thus the name, Crepes Suzette.

Fair warning to all who plan to embark on this culinary adventure: a crepe Suzette recipe is not simple. It involves making the crepes and the sauce, then combining the two and performing the perfect flambé. Making the crepes is the easy part.

Ingredients for Crepes Suzette
(makes about 15 crepes)

2 cups of flour
2-1 cups of whole milk
4 eggs
2 teaspoons of melted butter
vanilla extract (optional)
vegetable oil

Instructions for Crepes

1. Sift the flour into a large bowl and mix in a pinch of salt.

2. Make a “crater” with the back of a large spoon and crack the eggs into this crater.

3. Gradually pull the flour into the crater with a whisk until the eggs and flour are mixed well.

4. Slowly add the milk, whisking well between each bit of milk added.

5. Continue to stir the batter until it looks bubbly on top.

6. Stir in the melted butter and a few drops of vanilla.

To make the crepes:

1. Put a small amount of vegetable oil on a paper towel and wipe the bottom of the crepe pan. (You’ll need to repeat this for each crepe.)

2. Heat the pan on medium high heat.

3. Drop about 3 tablespoons of crepe batter into the pan and swirl the pan so that the batter spreads out evenly over the bottom.

4. Cook for about 1 minute, and then flip the crepe to cook the other side for 30 seconds.

Repeat this process for each crepe. NOTE: The first one or two crepes may end up being “throw-aways” while you find the right temperature for the pan.

Ingredients for Crepe Suzette Sauce

This recipe is enough for 8 crepes. Rather than doubling the recipe, it is recommended to make two separate batches.

1 orange rind, shredded*
3 cup sugar
5 ounces of butter at room temperature
1 cup Grand Marnier liqueur**
1 cup Cognac

*You can use a cheese grater to shred the rind while still on the orange.
**You can use another orange liqueur like Cointreau.

Instructions for Saucing the Crepes

Before beginning these steps, simmer a pot of water (make sure it is not boiling). Put a plate on top of the simmering pot.

1. Stir the orange rind and butter together.

2. Melt about 1 teaspoon of this mixture in a pan over medium heat.

3. Place one crepe in the pan and heat for 30 seconds on each side.

4. Sprinkle sugar on the crepe and then fold it in half and the half again to form a triangle.

5. Put the completed crepe on the plate over the simmering water.

When all of the crepes are done you are ready for the true test – the flambé.

1. Combine the liqueurs and heat them in a saucepan just until the liquid begins to bubble. Do not bring to a complete boil or the alcohol will burn off.

2. Place each crepe on a serving plate.

3. Drizzle about 2 tablespoons of the liqueur mixture over a crepe and light the fumes around the edges immediately so that the crepe does not soak up the liqueur. Use long matches or a long barbeque lighter.

4. Let the crepe cook until the flame disappears on its own and serve it immediately.

Crepe Suzette Variations

A true flambé is done in a chafing dish, large skillet, or a pan made specifically for flambéing. You can use one of these and transfer the crepes to serving plates after the flame has gone out.

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