Easy and simple pancake recipe

Let us start with something simple (not that any pancake recipe is difficult) - a simple pancakes recipe. This is I think the fastest way to make pancakes and since they are easy to make however you make them I think we still won't be sacrificing anything in the taste department:). We will just cut a few corners and leave out a few steps so we will have less dirty dishes and we will be finished and eating faster. These pancakes are usually served with butter and syrup, but you can of course use lots and lots of different toppings from fruits, cream, chocolate etc. I think I'll cover all the different toppings that you can put on your pancakes in another recipe. Let's get started with what do we need for this recipe.
Simple pancakes
Ingredients for this easy and simple pancake recipe:
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups milk
2 tablespoons melted butter

Lets make some pancakes!

First we will take a bowl large enough to hold all of our pancake batter and fill it with 1 1/2 cups milk, 2 large eggs and 2 tablespoons melted butter. Quickly mix the milk and eggs together.

Then add all the salt, sugar, baking powder and some flour and start stiring. Stir and keep adding the flour until you add all of it. Stop stiring as soon as the batter is smooth and without lumps. It should be pretty thick but still liquid enough so you can pour it. If it is to thick add some more milk and mix a little more.

Great, now our batter is ready.

Usually these kind of pancakes are made on a hot greased griddle but we can also use a pan and they will turn out great aswell. Take about 1/4 cup of batter and pour it on the griddle. Pancakes should be cooked until they are bubbly, a little dry around the edges, and lightly browned on the bottom. Then we turn them around and brown them on the other side.

This easy and simple pancake recipe will serve four.

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khululiwe 15.01.2010. 05:35

I thought making a pancake was hard work of mixing and beating and never imagined myselt making some...thanks to this receipe,Im off to make pancakes....

semily 24.02.2010. 14:07

not sure i was the only one slow enough to do this, but the recipe seems to leave out the baking soda. It's listed in the ingredients but isn't included in a step. Just a heads up.

Pancake 26.02.2010. 01:56

semily, sorry about that, just mix it in with flour

stacey 12.03.2010. 13:49

I don't see baking soda even in the recipe. I see baking powder. So, i'm lost.... Still plan on making it though. As per the recipe :)

pancakeeater 21.03.2010. 07:53

Best pancakes

Rebekahh 22.03.2010. 15:42

There is never baking soda in Pancakes!

Alessia 18.05.2010. 08:33

Hello, i'm an italian girl. I tryed this recipe and the pancakes have done very delicious. I love try new recipes of all over the world and i like cook.
Sorry for my bad English.

Tony 28.05.2010. 14:12

Wow. That was ridiculously easy, and tasty, even without any condements. Thanks!

BTW the instructions are good. Just read over them.

Christina 11.06.2010. 17:51

These were the best pancakes ever!! I have made pancakes all over the world and different recipes but these would have to be the best and my whole family agrees!!! we did add a little vanilla essence too and for the aussie reader we used self raising flour instead of the salt, baking powder and plain flour. ENJOY!! we know you will

Billy 18.07.2010. 05:44

I was looking for something simple I could make. I got this recipe off the website and within 30 minutes had a lovely stack of pancakes.

The instructions are so easy and I managed without the baking powder.

I'm looking forward to my next adventure in the kitchen.

spartan 19.07.2010. 15:38

holy hell!!!!
these pancakes are delicious and easy to make. thanks for the recipe^^
i made them for some friends, it turned out great.
thanks to this website

Lori 25.08.2010. 23:27

This is the best pancake website ever. This recipe tasted soo good!!

vincenzo 06.11.2010. 01:56

Hi people.. great recipe I have to say! I would only like to know how many servings can I do with this dosage?

blessing 09.11.2010. 14:43

i love 'em........

Tia 26.11.2010. 12:30

OMG! These were the best! I was deathly afraid of making pancakes but this recipe was very simple...I did add a drizzle of honey & cinnamon. Slightly sweet and very tasty...

person 30.01.2011. 05:39

terrible. it went all wrong because they said'cups' instead of mililetres and grams.it would be good if it wasn't for that.:(

Pancake Lover 01.02.2011. 16:45

this is the WORST pancake recipe ever, i suggest no one use this recipe because not only are the pancakes flavorless but they dont bake thoroughly, they come out RAW and flat no matter how long they are kept on the heat...i just wasted time and a lot of ingredients for nothing...this is a huge disappointment..worst website ever too!

kf rizla 14.02.2011. 02:34


Juju 28.02.2011. 15:57

This is a great base recipe. I always play with them a little (adding spices, vanilla, or bananas). First time I made them they were a little watery but still cooked fully with no problem (you just have to watch them and know when they're fully cooked, like any pancakes). I'm about to make them again, but maybe use a little less milk. :D

Shawn 03.04.2011. 08:17

These were fantastic! I did sift the dry ingredients together first, and I added a splash of vanilla to the wet ingredients. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Stupid people 26.06.2011. 20:42

Ok pancakes are easy to make wtf is wrong with you people

Haha 07.07.2011. 05:32

Haven't made them yet, but sound delicious plus other people have been making really good comments about them so I guess I'll try them hoping they will come out good and tasty

Anonymous 15.07.2011. 03:55

Ok first, im 12 and dont no how to coook very well, but im gunna use this recipe for my mom, and i was wondering is it ok if i dont use baking powder? cause i dont have any. haha.

earnest toombs 26.07.2011. 11:51

whoever wrote this is a real jerk! anything is easy you fool if you know how.

i'll bet you don't know how to cook a whole prime rib roast in 45 minutes but i do. it is easy stupid.

Anonymous 07.08.2011. 10:33

These are easy to make, however they're pretty bland. I did substitute rice milk for regular milk, so maybe that had something to do with the lack of taste, but these are not something I'll be making again.

Sam 13.08.2011. 17:55

This recipe is problematic. It needs to state that the melted butter should be cooled before adding to the milk and eggs as the eggs curdle with the hot butter leaving a very lumpy mixture. Oh well... back to the drawing board...

Chris 21.08.2011. 11:16

I put a cup of fresh blueberries in mine! Thanks for the recepie!

Pancake-lover 14.10.2011. 20:51

Can't believe people can turn a cooker on but can't follow the most basic pancake recipe. There is nothing wrong with the recipe it's a standard pancake recipe!! For those of you criticising it- stick to shop bought

Karen 10.11.2011. 21:18

It's 9:10 p.m. and I just whipped this recipe together. Yep, I eat what I want, when I want! LOL The ingredient list was a bit confusing as I had to keep looking through it to find the ingredient that I would need next. It would be easier if the list was in order of how you use the item. Otherwise, it came together easily and the pancakes cooked to perfection. They were light and fluffy and I think the melted butter made them tastier. Very good recipe! Thanks, you helped with my pancake craving! My 15 yr old son is having some too...let's see what he thinks..."Mmmmm" he says!

Lexis 03.12.2011. 08:59

People, this recipe is flawless... Please do not blame the recipe and maybe start blaming yourself. The instructions aren't going to look over your shoulder and guide you in making the pancakes.

pancakegirl 28.05.2012. 10:11

these are soo easy to make when i made them everybody in my family loved them

Jennie 28.05.2012. 10:15

These pancakes are delicious!!! And they're soo easy to make.Although the recipe should say to cool the butter first because the batter gets all lumpy but otherwise it's great!!Thanks to however invented these pancakes!!LOL

Jessie 28.05.2012. 11:10

These are soo good! Also they're easy to make!Thanks to the website i have a good pancake recipe in hand

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