Pancakes or Crêpes - What is the difference?

The word pancakes does not mean the same thing to everyone. Basically pancakes are smaller and thicker and crepes are bigger and thinner. But these two words do not mean the same thing around the world.

For instance - mostly in some parts of Europe, pancakes are what people in the U.S. and France would call crepes - thin and big. In United States pancakes are also sometimes called hotcakes, griddlecakes, or flapjacks. Then there are many different recipes for pancakes the differ from country to country.

This website is dedicated to every imaginable pancake recipe including both pancake and crepe recipes.

So how big is the difference between pancakes and crepes? Well, not that big actually. They are made out of the same main ingredients - flour, milk and eggs. The only difference is that when making pancakes we also add some raising agent like baking powder. This makes pancakes thicker and softer. And because they are thicker we also make the smaller in size.

On the other hand crepes are thinner, when making them we use no baking powder and we make them bigger. Before we eat them we also stuff them with fruit, nutella, or jam.

This is the main pancake and crepes difference, now it is time for some pancake recipes.

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